Employee Information

Data Information

  • The dataset consists of 1000 records and 30 attributes:
    1. ID: Employee ID (numeric)
    2. Gender: Gender of the employee (categorical: m/f)
    3. Age: Age of the employee (categorical: 26-33, 18-25, 34-41, 50yearsabove, 42-49)
    4. EducationBackground: Educational background of the employee (categorical: bachelor, diploma, master, undergraduate)
    5. Language: Number of languages known by the employee (numeric: 1-5)
    6. marriage: Marital status of the employee (categorical: single, married, divorced)
    7. PartnerWorking: Whether the employee’s partner is working or not (categorical: no, yes)
    8. Numberofchildren: Number of children the employee has (numeric)
    9. AvgAgeoftheirchildren: Average age of the employee’s children (numeric)
    10. Resident: Whether the employee is a local resident or not (categorical: local, not-local)
    11. Jobtime: Job time of the employee (categorical: ft, pt)
    12. Hoursofwork: Number of hours the employee works per week (numeric)
    13. Salary: Salary of the employee (numeric)
    14. Yearsofservice: Number of years the employee has worked in the company (categorical: 0, 1, 2, 3)
    15. Socialassurance: Whether the employee has social assurance or not (categorical: yes, no)
    16. Position: Position of the employee in the company (categorical: leademp, regularemp, manager, supervisor)
    17. Department: Department of the company where the employee works (categorical: customerservice, others, marketing, humanresource, sales, financial, IT, inventory, preprocessing, Accounting, rawmaterialswarehouse, manufacturing, management, finishing, finishedgoodswarehouse, corporateservices, corporate, assembly, services, marketingmanagement, manufacturingmanagement)
    18. Computerskills: Level of computer skills possessed by the employee (categorical: good, excellent, none)
    19. Jobsecurity: Level of job security felt by the employee (categorical: good, excellent, bad)
    20. Smoking: Whether the employee smokes or not (categorical: yes, no)
    21. Transportation: Whether the employee has transportation or not (categorical: yes, no)
    22. Vacationdays: Number of vacation days the employee gets (numeric)
    23. Nationality: Nationality of the employee (categorical: iraqi, others, kurdish)
    24. Employmenttype: Type of employment (categorical: permanent, fixedtermcontract, temporary)
    25. No.ofactivities: Number of activities performed by the employee (numeric)
    26. No.ofpenalties: Number of penalties imposed on the employee (numeric)
    27. TermReason: Reason for termination of employment, if applicable (categorical: none, WorkRuleViolation, AcceptedNewJob, PoorJobfit, PoorPerformance, JobAbandonment, PoorAttendance, medical-Non-JobRelated, Retirement-Normal, JobDissatisfaction, CareerChange, Retirement-Early, Pay, Violence-Threat/Act, medical-JobRelated, ResignedinlieuofTerm, ResignedinLieuofTermination, PersonalReasons, Deceased, WorkConditions/Requirement, EmployeeRelocation, failedDrug/AlcoholScreen)
    28. Riseinincomereceived: Whether the employee has received a rise in income or not (categorical: yes, no)
    29. Employeedisciplined: Whether the employee has been disciplined or not (categorical: no, yes)
    30. Recommendationforpromotion: Whether the employee has been recommended for promotion or not (categorical: yes, no)


  • Asia L. Jabar - Tarik A. Rashid
    Computer Science Department
    University of Sulaimania & University of Kurdistan-Hawlêr

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Employee Information
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The "Employee Information" dataset is a collection of information about employees working in communication and construction companies in Kurdistan/Iraq in 2016. The dataset contains 29 features that include personal information, educational information, and working background information. The purpose of this dataset is to provide companies with the necessary information to make decisions about an employee's future working. The class feature is also included in this dataset, which indicates whether an employee deserves a recommendation for promotion or not.